Why Choose Shopify For Your ECommerce Business?

Maria Paiva

Whether you have an existing online business or starting a new one, you will come across thousands of tools and online shop builders. But you can bet on Shopify. Why choose Shopify for your Ecommerce business? It is the easiest and the most user-friendly e-commerce site builder. Thought 26% web dominance is by WordPress – there are many discrepancies and loopholes in WordPress powered websites. On the other hand – Shopify – is experiencing a gradual growth and user-loyalty. Currently, there are more than 500,000 Shopify powered online stores that are believed to drive $40 billion+ sales!

Don’t believe me? Hear directly from the horse’s mouth!

Why is Shopify the best E-commerce platform?


Shopify not only saves you from getting into a maze of technological glitches but also saves you time and allows you to prioritize the ‘business growth’ factor. It is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to build an awesome online store. And the fact that the platform has enabled the integration of the community – you can get direct assistance and resources from designers, tool providers, and similar vendors!

Easy to Use

Whatever you need to create and build your online shop, you can find it under a single roof. Access a wide range of tools and resources via Shopify to get your online store up and running. There are free theme designs available that you can choose to create your online store, as well as, other widgets and tools.

With the tools, you can –

  1. Add products
  2. Insert product descriptions
  3. Inventory management
  4. Product segmentation based on categories
  5. Create blogs
  6. Create web pages
  7. Easy customer account and data setup
  8. Use discount code engine
  9. Access services of over 70 payment processors
  10. Track order details and customer information
  11. Multiple staff login and accessibility management
  12. Customer analysis and dissection based on customer location, buyer history, buyer behavior and more.

Mobile-Ready Online Store

Shopify offers multiple mobile features – inclusive of built-in mobile shopping cart functionalities – that is absolutely free. It is definitely easy to make your online store mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly. You can generate higher conversion and sales because your customers can browse products and buy them directly through their mobile devices.

The settings are functional with every smartphone – Android, and iPhones as well. Apart from customer engagement via mobile phones, you can also manage, market and access statistics using your mobile phones. To conclude, you can do exactly the same stuff through your mobile phone that you’d do using the Web Store.

Expansive App Store for best User-experience

Shopify provides more than 1400 applications – which you can use to make your online store customer-friendly, highly functional, feature-enriched and automated for easy business development. The tools include marketing, sales, administrative tools, customer service, inventory management, bookkeeping, shipping, payment and more.

Here’s a list of 12 best Shopify apps that will transform your online store into a saleable, engaging and user-friendly outlet:

  1. Yotpo: Allows users to leave favorable and constructive reviews.
  2. Boost Sales: Create cross-sell and up-sell offers, without knowing any technical language or jargon.
  3. Recurring Orders: Allows you to offer recurring subscriptions to users for either the entire cart or a single product. It generates and dispatches invoices to customers automatically.
  4. Mailbot: It’s an automated email marketing application that integrates into the system, without any hassle.
  5. Sweet Tooth: The tool provides opportunities to level up loyalty programs for customers. You can use it to offer incentives and rewards to customers, accessing their trust and loyalty.
  6. ShopPad: ShopPad helps in the optimization of online store on handheld device – tablet and mobile, offering every mobile adjustment and functionality.
  7. Social Media Stream: It integrates social media accounts to your store and embeds posts manually.
  8. Sufio: The app is great for accounting tasks. It not only helps you to generate automated invoices but also customize and send ‘thank you’ notes and invoices to customers.
  9. Checkout Boost: This is an awesome social media marketing tool for Shopify stores. It allows you to offer customers with free shipping code, discount code, or free gift when they share their carts on social media. It is great for generating social media traffic to your store.
  10. Returns Manager: The tool allows users to create and manage returns smoothly and with ease. Customers don’t have to create accounts to manage or request returns.
  11. Lucky Orange: Lucky Orange allows you to access in-depth analytical reports and data – based on buyer behavior and engagement on your online store.

Is Shopify Free?

No, Shopify is not available for free. It comes with 3 subscription price list. However, the ROI rate is impressive. It provides a flexible, robust, super-functional and secured platform for building your online shop. Furthermore, with the available of a 24/7 live support and community connection, as well as, an interactive and integrated online infrastructure, will allow you to manage, market and generate higher sales figure from your Shopify Online Store.

It is a solid ecommerce builder – offering users the best of Shopify Apps and Premium  Storefront Themes – to make your online store look attractive, professional, functional, user-friendly and engaging. Shopify invites service providers and designers who are the best in their niche – from around the world – to integrate their tools, apps and designs in their platform.

Pricing Plan:

The plans start from $29 / month – which is the Basic Shopify Plan, $79/month – the Shopify Plan and $299 / month – the Advanced Shopify Plan.


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