How You Can Employ AI In Your Digital Marketing
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How You Can Employ AI In Your Digital Marketing Today: Small Business Marketing

Jay Banik

What is Artificial Intelligence and how can we use it in digital marketing strategies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is way beyond a robot or advanced machine that is stereotyped in all movies and TV series (read: I, Robot, RoboCop, Tron and so on).

What is Artificial Intelligence?

No, it’s nothing like the RoboCop. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of computer systems and machines to complete human tasks. Its performances included language translation, decision making, speech recognition, visual perception and more.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Consumer-Brand Relationship Dynamics

The shifting paradigm of digital media from the web to virtual reality proves that AI can enhance the digital marketing world today.

Cambridge and Stanford Universities conducted several studies related to the connection between digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence. And most of them assert the fact:

Computers are capable of comprehending human beings in higher clarity than human themselves.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence and its use in digital media

How to use Artificial Intelligence in your small business digital marketing strategy?

Content Personalization Machines will author 20% small business content by 2018 – Gartner

Content is the backbone of every business and digital marketing plan. One of the crucial elements of an engaging and result-driven content is an impactful Call-To-Action. Call-To-Action or CTAs increase the conversion rate by 42%.

Copywriters and marketers have been creating personalized call-to-actions in various blog posts, landing pages, newsletter and marketing materials.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually taking the baton from the hands of digital marketers and writers. Now, with the help of AI, you can generate CTAs and content to drive sales, traffic and boost conversion.

The new phenomenon called Programmatic Advertising. Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over every protocol of digital marketing. In fact, it is making the process less strenuous and more efficient.

What is programmatic advertising?

It is the process of programmatic marketing, advertising and media buying. It involves real-time algorithmic selling and buying of ad space, via the use of the software. More and more marketers are opting for programmatic advertising because it’s customer specific and targeted.

Jay Banik

Jay Banik is a UI and UX designer, front-end developer and tech enthusiast. He has spent the last 8 years working in the design and software industry with a specialized focus on user-centered designs. He counts human psychology, movies and spending time with his dog Joey among his myriad of interests.